Soft Memory Bears

When a beloved family member, friend or pet passes away it can be overwhelming. Having a soft bear made from clothing, special fabric or even your pets bedding can be a way to remember them and gain comfort from cuddles with the bear.

Each bear is made with respect & love and with your chosen embroidery on a paw or more bespoke embroidery requests can be agreed. Each completed bear comes wrapped in tissue paper and boxed.

I currently offer two styles of bear and will happily advise on the best style for the fabric you supply if you are unsure which to choose.

Hearts can also be made from smaller clothing items or left over pieces from when bears are made. Each heart is supplied with a ribbon to hang it up and embroidery is available at a small extra cost.

Prices start from £50 per bear with discounts offered for more than one bear made from same fabrics. Hearts from £10 again with discounts for more than one.